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Dirtbag fylt med kalk for optimalt grep. Perfekt når svette eller vann kommer i veien for grepet du kjenner.

Bogey Free Bags, also known as BFB's, are a must have for any avid disc golfer. They are made to keep hands dry & help you get a firm grip on your disc in any weather condition. We use clay base material that is great for getting rid of moisture & provides you with the confidence of having control of your drive, putt or approach.

They can be kept any where in your bag & won't cause a mess due to powder escaping & covering your discs like other rosin bags. The more you crush it up the more powder you get. BFB's can also recover from getting totally soaked from rainy rounds or dropping it on the ground where water has built up. All you have to do is let it sit out in the sun a day or two and it dries back to it's powdery state.