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The Pathfinder is designed to be a dependable midrange for a consistent, straight flight down the fairway with only minimal end fade. 

Best choice for: minimal fade, straight flight, and as a dependable approach disc.

Nebula Ethereal plastic a premium blend that combines performance with a stunning metallic sheen. The Nebula effect adds decorative swirls and bursty patterns for a unique look. It has a good grip and is as durable as it is beautiful. 

Behind the design:  The inspiration for the "Frog" design is one of overcoming obstacles, transformation, and growth. They have inspired many cultures worldwide and have adapted in so many unique ways that, in our eyes, a frog can thrive through life's challenges. you can too! 

Much like the adaptation of the frog, the stamp on this run, from our store, will have a couple of different variants based on lighter and darker discs. One where the frog is more of an outline and another where it will be more inverted. We wanted the best possible combinations to make sure the frog stood out as well as possible.