Opto Sapphire

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199,00 kr
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Are distance drivers only for the pros? Nope. Say hello to our first distance driver in the Easy-to-Use Line. It's light, it's fast, yet still easy to grip and control. The Sapphire is designed to be the perfect partner to the Diamond, our most popular Easy-to-Use fairway driver. With the Sapphire you will get that extra speed and stability in your disc arsenal. It has a slim profile for smooth releases, and it is easy to get a good grip, especially for those of you with smaller hands. First Run Sapphires are only available in a stunning Opto Chameleon plastic.
Diameter 21.0 cm
Høyde: 1.7 cm
Rimdybde: 1.2 cm
Rimbredde: 2.0 cm
Maksvekt: 176.00 g
Type: Distance Driver
Stabilitet: Understabil
Anbefalt ferdighetsnivå: Nybegynner/Viderekommende
Plastikk: Premium
Latitude Opto Sapphire Flight Chart
Lignende produkter: Prodigy H4 v2