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Deliver a message on the course with Isaac Robinson’s 2024 Signature Series FX-4 in 400 Glimmer plastic. The 2024 Signature Series explores the Evolution of Flight using a postage stamp motif, and Isaac chose a groundbreaking Spad XIII fighter to represent the Flying Machines Era of Flight for his custom artwork. Support Isaac by picking yours up today.

The FX-4 is a fast, stable to slightly understable fairway driver. With a wider rim than our F Series, it carries more speed and pushes further down the fairway. In flight, it will have neutral to slightly understable characteristics depending on your arm speed.

Diameter 21.2 cm
Høyde: 1.8 cm
Rim Dybde: 1.2 cm
Rim Bredde: 2.0 cm
Maksvekt: 176 g
Type: Fairway driver
Stabilitet: Slightly Understable
Anbefalt ferdighetsnivå: Alle
Plastikk: Premium blend