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Deliver a message on the course with Will Schusterick’s’ 2024 Signature Series PA-5 in 300 Fractal plastic. The 2024 Signature Series explores the Evolution of Flight using a postage stamp motif, and Will chose a soaring family of Microraptors to represent the Prehistoric Era of Flight for his custom artwork. Support Will by picking yours up today.

The PA-5 is a silky smooth understable putter that will hit beautiful slow turnover lines and dead straight hyzerflips. It has a narrow feel in the hand for an easy release. That shape also gives it a little more speed that you will quickly notice as you throw it. For putting, the PA-5 fits players who like a straight putter with little movement right or left out of the hand, and it works nicely from long distance.

  • Diameter: 21.4cm
  • Height: 1.9cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.4cm
  • Rim Width: 0.9cm
  • Min Weight: 170g
  • Max Weight: 174g
  • Stability: Understabledisc